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What a year this has been so far!

2020 came and so did Covid. It has not been an easy ride for anyone to say the least. We, along with so many others, have had to change the way we do things. But rest assured we have pushed along and made the changes we have needed to. Terms like social distancing and mask mandates, I never thought I would see the day. Well here it is. We have done everything to step up to the new guidelines to keep us and everyone around us safe. So when you come to our food truck you will see the window person wearing a mask, there is plenty of hand sanitizer for you and us and we are wearing gloves. Most of this we did anyway but we just wanted to let you know we are on board to keep every one safe.

Be blessed and we will see you out there!

Currie’s BBQ – Food Trailer Fund

Would you consider helping us with this goal to get our new trailer? A good friend of ours who knows our passion but knows we would never ask for help, started this fund for us. We are so truely grateful for any help anyone is willing to give us. Check out our story and help by sharing and spreading the word. http://www.gofundme.com/fwdgcp7s

GoFundMe Campaign

Just 1 year ago, Tim and Sherry Currie embarked on a new venture.  After entering a BBQ competition, and winning, they decided to use this momentum to realize a long-standing dream of operating a BBQ and catering company.  From that event was birthed Currie’s Smokin’ Hot Barbeque, LLC.

This last year, they have created a solid customer base, doing BBQ events and competitions throughout Florida, while also catering for countless events – parties, weddings, schools, churches, charity events, etc.

Their company has been fully funded from their own finances, and to really move on to the next step, they need our help.  At this point in the game, there is a huge need for a new enclosed concession trailer (like the one pictured).  Trailers that meet all the appropriate fire, safety and food service requirements are very expensive — around $20k.  So, we are trying to help them jumpstart this goal by raising enough for a solid downpayment.

If you know Currie’s, you know this is a great investment in their future, and their food is awesome!!  Can you help?  Let’s kick this goal in the butt and get them a new trailer!!

Click, dontate, share!!!

Luau Chicken Rice Bowl big hit in Ft Lauderdale!

We had a great weekend in Ft Lauderdale at the Florida Art Expo. We joined 80 or so other vendors (some inside, some outside) for this great arts & craft show. We served up lots of delicious BBQ and meet a lot of really nice people. One of the top dishes served up this weekend was our new Luau Chicken Rice Bowl. These chicken thighs were marinated overnight in our Sesame Ginger Marinade & Glaze then grilled over an open fire with more glaze brushed on. Then we cut them up and put them over coconut rice and added a little more glaze on top. Yum is not even close to how good this was. Be sure to check back often to see all the new and exciting things Currie’s Smokin’ Hot BBQ is up to.

Luau Chicken Rice Bowl.
Luau Chicken Rice Bowl.