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New Item – The Curly Dog

We are introducing a new item today on our food truck. The Curly Dog! This is an old recipe from back in the early 1960’s. We are bringing it out of the old recipe box and letting it tell you a story.

Sherry’s mom, Gail, worked at a drive up restaurant back in the early 1960’s called The Curly Dog. Walt, the owner, developed the recipe for the curly dog sauce and served it up on a deep fried foot long hot dog with a double-decker bun, lettuce, cheese and tarter sauce. Gail said it was delicious and kept people coming back to The Curly Dog day after day and week after week. Gail left The Curly Dog to raise her family but The Curly Dog lived on until 2006 when the new owners had to close the restaurant due to health reasons. (Read the story here)

However, Walt had given the recipe to the secret curly dog sauce to Gail and other family members and swore them to secrecy. Sherry was finally able to track the recipe down and pry it from her mother’s hands and swear to never give the recipe to anyone outside the family. But with her blessing Sherry and Tim could make the curly dog sauce and offer it’s deliciousness to the masses. So with a few revisions with the sandwich (not the sauce) we are introducing “The Curly Dog”!

The Curly Dog

Luau Chicken Rice Bowl big hit in Ft Lauderdale!

We had a great weekend in Ft Lauderdale at the Florida Art Expo. We joined 80 or so other vendors (some inside, some outside) for this great arts & craft show. We served up lots of delicious BBQ and meet a lot of really nice people. One of the top dishes served up this weekend was our new Luau Chicken┬áRice Bowl. These chicken thighs were marinated overnight in our Sesame Ginger Marinade & Glaze then grilled over an open fire with more glaze brushed on. Then we cut them up and put them over coconut rice and added a little more glaze on top. Yum is not even close to how good this was. Be sure to check back often to see all the new and exciting things Currie’s Smokin’ Hot BBQ is up to.

Luau Chicken Rice Bowl.
Luau Chicken Rice Bowl.